Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Unique antique rugs can add personality, character, versatility, style and interest to your home decor.  An antique is described as an item that is at least 80-100 years old, decorative and collectible.  The owner appreciates its age, beauty, rarity, warmth and. While rugs can be the most expensive decorative item in a home, antique carpets can be less expensive than brand new rugs.  You can purchase them at auction, often getting a wonderful buy. Rugs can also be displayed as wall hangings.

Traditional style carpets usually have intricate patterns and come in a wide array of colors from the jewel tones to light and airy, giving a real and elegant look. 

Tabriz rugs are Persian and sometimes have medallion designs and allover patterns that are precisely drawn and executed with care and of a high quality, therefore long -lasting. 

Kashan rugs include some of the best classical silk Persian rugs also with medallion and overall designs, in all colors.

Knorassan/Mashad rugs are available in similar formats but often have a softer, more decorative coloration.  Their weaving technique makes them durable.

Modern design tends to be simpler in taste and style, sometimes minimalist with subtle colors and an abstract look, e.g. arts and crafts or art deco.  Moroccan rugs can have simple tribal geometric or abstract patterns and add a sophisticated look to modern furniture and can have dynamic colors.  Architect Frank Lloyd Wright used Moroccan rugs in the homes he designed. 

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