Thursday, December 07, 2017

3 Trends in Kitchen Hardware to Keep an Eye On

You don’t have to transform your entire kitchen to feel like your kitchen has been upgraded. All you have to do is update some of your kitchen hardware, like the knobs on your cabinets or the handles on your drawers. You’ll get that new kitchen feel for a fraction of the cost. However, choose your new hardware wisely. Here are 3 trends in kitchen hardware to keep an eye on.
1. Artsy knobs
The great thing about the term “artsy” is that it’s totally up to your interpretation and discretion. You can take your pick of colorful knobs, varying sized knobs and knobs of many different styles. Got a theme for your kitchen? Go all out by getting knobs that matches your vision. 
Whatever your method of madness, personalize your kitchen in the subtlest and classiest of ways so you can impress guests. You can peruse the knob section at Home Depot or Lowes for ideas, or you can check out what’s new in the DIY section of the internet.
2. Bar handles
You can make your kitchen seem more modern and sleek without replacing a single panel or backsplash tile. Just incorporate long, straight lines in your kitchen with bar handles.
These handles are most commonly seen in restaurant kitchens: They’re long and slim metal bars that run the length of drawers. They’re not only great for design but also for utility. You can be completely engrossed in a recipe, reach over to grab a drawer handle and grasp it every time, without fail.
Now, if you have a theme for your kitchen, these handles are maybe not the best way to go. If you’re going for minimalist and even futuristic vibe, these handles are for you.
3. Finger handles
Although they may look like it, finger handles aren’t actually tiny shelves for mice (knock on wood that there aren’t really mice in your kitchen). These flat, stainless steel handles work great for the lower, base cabinets in your kitchen. Just slip a finger or two under the small lip of the handle to open your cabinets.
They look great and they’re completely functional. No more bending down to open a cabinet just to discover the pot you were looking for wasn’t even in there.
Pro tip: Updating the hardware in your kitchen is a great way to spruce up your kitchen before showing your house to prospective buyers. When you’re ready to sell your home, give us a shout. We’re here to help.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Emeraude Condo in Palm Beach with ICW and Ocean views. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2145 living sq ft.  $1,075,000.  Come and take a look.  Penthouse (5th Floor). Call or text 561-302-3388~Marilyn Jacobs with Donohue Real Estate in Palm Beach.  RX-10383764.  Furnished Cabana included.  Fitness center, Library, High Security, Doorman, 27 units in the building.  Best unit available on the beach. HOA is $1100/month. 

Doorman, Full Service, Great Security
Short Walk to Lake Worth Beach
with Shoppes, Eateries, Casino
and Lake Worth Bridge to Downtown
with Museum, Theater, Antique Shoppes
Art Galleries, Eateries...


Wednesday, November 08, 2017


The former home of railroad magnate Henry Flagler, “Whitehall,” America’s first museum, is a National Historic Landmark known as the Flagler Museum.  It was completed in 1902. Architectural style is Neoclassical and Beaux-Arts.

Take a guided tour and see the changing and special exhibits.  The Gilded Age Décor is elaborate and beautiful. Many original furnishings and art are in the building. It is located at One Whitehall Way in Palm Beach.

The exhibit depicting our WWI “swashbucklers in the skies” in the early days of aviation, runs through December 31, 2017.  This year is the 100th anniversary of America’s 1917 entry into WWI.  Aviators were daring, patriotic, and adventurous.  Included will be works of art, artifacts, and printed materials, all on loan from the private collection of Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf.

Guided tours are available Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. Museum admission is free to active duty, reserve, and retired US Military (with proper identification). Check out the illustrated lecture that will be presented to museum attendees on Saturday, November 11 at 11:30 and 2:30 pm. RSVP to 561-655-2833. The 1927 Hollywood film, “Wings,” tells the story. Enjoy the price fixed lunch ($22) at the Café des Beaux-Arts in the museum which reopens on Friday, November 24th.

A series of lectures will cover WWI in more detail.  Take your children, especially teens, to learn about past history: “Learning about past history will help prevent making the same mistakes.”
For current brochure: Museum Membership information can be found at and other memberships are available as well. For more information call 561-655-2833.  This is a popular site for weddings and special events.

Thursday, October 12, 2017



Take me out to the ballgame…. At THE BALLPARK OF THE PALM BEACHES.

Take your pick: Watch the NY Mets, Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, 
Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, 
Detroit Tigers or Minnesota Twins.  

Located at 5444 Haverhill Road, West Palm Beach Fl 33407.


Google Ballpark of the Palm Beaches or call 800-840-9227.

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Dreaming of living by the beach for a relaxed & luxurious lifestyle?  Florida Cities rated:
#            City
  9          BOCA RATON   
22          NORTH PALM BEACH
93          DELRAY BEACH
105        BOYNTON BEACH
181        LAKE WORTH

Article states these are not more expensive or less livable than landlocked cities.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners love hardwood floors not only for their look and durability, but also because they're simple to clean—at least relative to carpeting, tile, and many other surfaces. But maintaining spick-and-span hardwood floors isn't quite as simple as it may seem, which leaves many homeowners wondering: What's the best way to clean hardwood floors, anyway?
“There’s a responsibility that comes with owning a wood floor,” says Brett Miller, vice president of education and certification for the National Wood Flooring Association in St. Louis. “People who haven’t had a wood floor before don’t always consider the importance of properly maintaining those floor coverings.”
If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking their best, here are the steps to take.
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Remove debris regularly
Your first line of defense is to remove dirt and debris as quickly and often as possible. Even the smallest specks of dirt act like sandpaper, and can scratch the floor's surface and make it look dull. So make sure to vacuum or sweep regularly—ideally once every two to three days, or more for high-traffic areas, says Miller. If you vacuum, use the hard surface setting on your machine, which turns off the beater bar and lowers the vacuum to the floor for better suction power.
Wipe spills immediately
Hardwood floors may look impervious to spills compared with carpet, but certain substances can actually eat away at the top coat of polish on your floor. Some common offenders include milk, mustard, and pet urine. So if Fido or Fluffy isn't fully house trained, make sure to pick up after accidents pronto.
Mop the right way
A damp (but not sopping) mop can also help keep a hardwood floor clean, provided you use the right cleaner (more on what not to use next). Most wood floor installers or manufacturers recommend cleaners that contain isopropyl alcohol, which dries quickly, and are available at home supply stores.
To make your own solution for a monthly clean, add a capful of white vinegar to a gallon of water, which will help dissolve grease and grime on the floor, but not strip the finish. To remove shoe scuffs, rub marks with a tennis ball, which cleans without scratching the finish.
Whatever you do, do not clean wood floors with a steam mop, Miller says. “Steam is horrible for wood floors. It opens the pores in woods and damages the finish, causing irreversible damage to any wood floor.”
Use the right cleaning products
“Wood is probably the easiest floor covering to keep clean, but you have to use the right cleaning products,” says Miller. In fact, contrary to what you might think, he adds, “anything that says ‘polish’ or ‘shine’ indicates you’re adding a layer of something to the floor, and it’s not a protective coating.”
The result? Your floor might look shiny right after you're done, but it will quickly smear and look dull (prompting you to clean your floors again). So when in doubt, stick with cleaning solutions recommended by a hardwood floor specialist rather than what's being hawked at your average grocery store.
And if it still doesn't look clean...

If vacuuming and mopping don’t restore the luster to your hardwood floors, it may not be due to lack of elbow grease. Eventually, wood floors withstand enough damage that they should be refinished—meaning the top layer of wood is sanded down to remove marks, then covered with sealant. Hardwood floors should be resealed about once every 10 years, or every two to five years if they get substantial traffic from kids or pets.

Monday, May 08, 2017


Here are some of them:

Thinking ahead... if you want information about these or AKOYA in BOCA WEST contact me!

Monday, March 27, 2017


·       Costing $60MM, it took seven years to build; Bill Gates also bought several surrounding houses for about $14.4MM.  The home has 24 bathrooms. Annual property tax is over $1MM.

·       Pool measures 60’x17’ and has a fossil-motif floor and underwater music system.  Locker room has 4 showers and 2 baths. Dive into the pool and you can come up by an outdoor terrace, going under a glass wall. Fitness gym is 2500 sq ft;  trampoline room has 20’ ceiling.   There is an elevator, but if you are into fitness, set your fitbit and head up or down the 84 steps from the entrance to the ground floor.

·       1000 sq ft dining room seats 24. 150 people can be fed dinner or 200 can be at a cocktail party in the 2300 sq ft reception hall.  Guests receive a pin that interacts with room sensors and can change to your preference the temperature, music and lighting.  This was built in 1995.

·      Guest house has 1 bedroom, 1 bath and is 1900 sq ft.

·       The grounds include an artificial stream and wetland estuary stocked with salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout. The sand on the lake bank is imported from warmer sandier climates, perhaps Hawaii.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Stonebridge Golf & Country Club

Smaller Equity Golf and Country Club in northwest Boca Raton with newer clubhouse, where membership is mandatory

Stonebridge Country Club. With 350 custom homes within a gated 400 acres, Stonebridge is known for their spacious homes from 2200 – 4500 living sq ft.  There are also 49 homes settled upon zero lot lines. Stonebridge is a wonderful community to live in. 

Homes are strategically placed to have breath-taking golf and/or water views.

The 18-hole golf course was designed by Karl Litten, and was the former home of the LPGA Honda and Mazda Classics.  There are four sets of tees so that every skill level can play comfortably.  Greens are plush and undulating and there are frequent water hazards.Six Har-Tru tennis courts and a state-of-the-art fitness center are within the complex as well.

Location is in northwest Boca Raton, near shopping centers, main roads, and not far to the beach.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Florida is the most desirable state for retirees, according to a new report.
Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, SmartAsset determined which states that retirees are leaving and flocking to, analyzed by MarketWatch.

The top five destination states for retirees are Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.

The report cites Florida's warm weather, beaches and the fact that it is one of seven states that doesn't tax individual income.

The states retirees are leaving in the highest numbers are New York, Illinois, 
California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

5 Kitchen Design Trends to Take From PULTE'S Model Homes

5 Kitchen Design Trends to Take From Model Homes

The model homes of builders are known for showcasing the latest interior design trends in trying to appeal to home shoppers. So what’s trending when it comes to the kitchen?
PulteGroup’s Interior Designs Team is merchandising about 425 model homes in 2016. The kitchen is a big area that gets a lot of the design team’s focus too.
“Today’s home buyers are willing to spend more in the kitchen – from energy-efficient appliances to quartz countertops,” says Janice Jones, PulteGroup’s national vice president of interior design. “We continuously conduct consumer focus groups to best understand what they want in their kitchens and are constantly refining our kitchen designs and its elements to ensure it delivers on functionality, creative design and easy maintenance across all our buyer groups.”
Jones cites five kitchen trends in 2016 that they are reflecting in many PulteGroup model homes lately. These trends also can serve as inspiration for home owners planning renovation projects or wanting ideas for easy updates, Jones notes.
1. Contrasting materials
Materials are getting mixed in the kitchen. Contrasting colors and styles are combined to create a more unique space. For example, mixed marbles and metals in a space can help highlight gray wood tones.

2. Decorative lighting
Bold and oversized lighting choices are popular choices. “Decorative lighting is key in the kitchen and adds dramatic flair as well as functionality to the kitchen, especially over the kitchen island,” according to PulteGroup’s Interior Designs Team.
3. Transparency
Switch out some cabinet doors with glass doors. It can help you extend visual boundaries while also allowing home owners to display some of their favorite things and add more personalization to a space.

4. Storage
Home owners are always looking for more storage, especially in the kitchen. Double-stacked cabinets that extend to the ceiling can help maximize storage space.

5. More drawers, less doors
Having plenty of kitchen drawers can add more functionality in storage. Home owners are showing preferences toward more drawers over extra cabinets. Bold hardware can then added to the drawers to add more design appeal, PulteGroup says.

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Friday, June 03, 2016


The owners of the 1.3 acre Testa property on Royal Palm Way, the Frisbees, are looking to buy the .8-acre site at the east end of the block between Royal Poinciana Way and Sunset Avenue.  They will redevelop the Testa properties and the adjacent four parcels that include Nick and Johnnie’s restaurant, Evelyn & Arthur’s clothing store, Eyes on the Island, the Palm Beach Book Store, Classic Collections boutique, a via and one apartment, owned by Vesenaz Inc.  Closing for these properties is planned for Friday.

It will be interesting to watch the revitalization of this well-known area.  Several of these buildings are landmarked and would need approval for any changes from the Landmarks Preservation Commission.  That includes two Arte Moderne-style buildings, Evenly and Arthur at 100 North County Road, and the Classic Collections building at 118 North County Road.  Nick & Johnnie’s façade is also landmarked.

Other property owners on Royal Poinciana Way, adjacent to Testa's, have been asked if they would be interested in selling their properties.  Two have said no but they are interested in the new developments that are coming.  These owners have been approached by others, including The Breakers, owners of the old Palm Beach Daily News building at 265 Royal Poinciana Way, who at this time do not plan to sell but would consider buying.

With Town Council approval received, the redevelopment of the Testa site will include a new restaurant, shops, luxury condominiums and underground parking. This is a pretty area, exuding Palm Beach‘s glamourous luxe feeling and relaxed environment. The forthcoming condominiums will be sold quickly, in this highly desirable neighborhood.

Will keep the readership advised of developments.  Stay tuned.