Thursday, May 07, 2009


Perhaps you have a robotic vacuum cleaner or mechanized pool sweeping apparatus in your home. In 2007, Boca Raton submitted a grant application to the Department of Homeland Security to acquire a large bomb robot, which will pick up an diffuse large bombs. A grant was received last September for $192,500, no local match of funds required. Other necessary applications were filed. Police Chief Dan Alexander explained that buildings in Boca are “vulnerable to both IED and vehicle-borne improved explosive devices which would be driven by vehicles and parked adjacent to the building… capable of exploding and defeating the exterior walls of the building, disrupting or destroying the operation of the facility.” This robot provides humans with camera-angle views from above and can enter physically restricted areas, breach light barriers and tear mechanical connections. It can also tow vehicles. The purpose is to develop effective preventative measures that mitigate terrorists from launching attacks targeting critical infrastructure and key assets. WE ARE PREPARED!

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