Friday, January 09, 2015


·      A few weeks before moving date, get a moving file and calendar for just this purpose, keeping all documents relating to the sale and buy in the files, who to contact for utility turn ons, mortgage or lease contracts
·      Out-of-season clothes can be vacuum sealed and go directly into storage area in your new home
·      Keep sandwich bags handy for small items, e.g. screws for a bed frame or flat-screen and tape the bag to the back of the item, labeling them in case they get separated
     ·      Stick Styrofoam plates between each dish; put glasses inside clean socks

     ·      Organize packing boxes using colored duct tape for different rooms they items are going in to

    ·      Make a box of supplies including paper towels, trash bags, staples, a box cutter, screwdrivers and any other supplies that may help with unpacking and setting up.

    ·      Replace older items before the move, whether it is a small kitchen appliance or old mattress

    ·      Prepare a “Survival Kit,”  with clothes and toiletries for the “day after”

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