Wednesday, June 13, 2012

United Healthcare’s 7th Annual 100@100 Survey found that more than half of the 100-year olds exercise nearly every day.  Activity favored by  nearly half: walking, and almost as many do exercises to strengthen their muscles.  Some enjoy yoga, Tai Chi, riding a bike, jogging or participating in sports.  It is estimated there are 72,000 centenarians nationwide with Medicare plans. 

The survey included 300 baby boomers in their early 50’s, and 100 centenarians and answers focused on talking with a friend or family member almost every day,  attending social events, and finding reasons daily to giggle or laugh.

Asked who to invite to a family dinner from a list of 14, Betty White was number one for 78%.  Half would pick “Gone with the Wind” as the greatest movie from the  past 100 years.  Boomers picked “It’s A Wonderful Life.”
Almost 75% of the centenarians polled said they will vote in November.

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