Friday, October 30, 2009


Keller Williams East Boca’s Halloween Party was held at Marilyn Jacobs’ house in The Polo Club. Hostess was dressed as the Wicked Witch and so were two of the other guests, Kristin Stampini and Ana Lucena. Kristin's Mom, Nancy Racine, read the tarot cards, and she was terrific. Stephan Meyer showed up as Elvis (OMIGOSH IT TOOK A FEW MINUTES TO REALIZE IT WAS STEPHAN!), Stephan's beautiful wife Donna came as Marilyn Monroe (WOWIE!), Susie Smith was a fabulous Hillbilly with painted on freckles and blackened teeth, others were in assorted dress and we all had a wonderful time. Brian Pearl was dressed as a doctor, with a long name embroidered on his white jacket. Sergio Lucena had on a cape, and was Count Dracula. Tara Halko, wore a stunning motorcycle outfit.

Doris Behrens was a beautiful fairy godmother, complete with wand. Caron McGinley brought over decorations the night before, and was in charge and (as usual) well organized. Agents brought the food and it was good good good. Andrew and Ramona Barbar sang with the karaoke machine, and Bonnie Lazar, Judy Stern all glittered up as master of ceremonies, Lisa Cioffi in a fabulous red outfit from head to toe including a pretty hat, and others got up and sang. Barbara Clark was Snow White, and oh-so-pretty! Michael Engst appeared with long beard, big eyelashes... a scary sight... but was most helpful in the kitchen (thank you!). Among those who came were Scott Harmer in Safari outfit and Izel and Michael Venturelli who were in cowboy garb. Not enough room to mention everyone, but we all had fun.

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