Saturday, July 12, 2008


Once owned by Bill Gates, La Leopolda, 10 acres, said to have the best views in Southern France, reportedly built by Belgium’s King Leopold for his mistresses, has been purchased by Russian billionaire Abramovich, reportedly for CASH. A regular 80% mortgage would have monthly payments of over $3,000,000!


Brazil property said...

Thanks for sharing.

Are peoples are mad, who buy such expensive house.

Marilyn Farber Jacobs said...

Thanks for your comment. I suppose you could compare the opportunity to live in an exquisite area like this to badly wanting a certain piece of jewelry, or even a certain chocolate bar. It's just that the owners of homes like these have deeper pockets. So their "toys" a "objects of desire" carry higher price tags. We certainly cannot fault Bill Gates for owning this "object of desire" - and no doubt making a nice profit when he sold it - as he is one of the MOST CHARITABLE PEOPLE who ever lived.

Marilyn Farber Jacobs